Junmin Bae  
Born in Seoul, Korea_ 1985
Instagram  @ junmin_bb

“Cosmos,” derived from the Greek word meaning order and harmony, is a world of the universe. The universe created around 14 billion years ago is a perfect world in which the power of every star strikes a balance and enters into coexistence. Physics is mainly divided into two directions: one is to the universe and the other is to the micro-universe, that is, quantum physics. The former is macroscopic and the latter is microscopic. 
Today, we can observe what was unable to be identified with the naked eye due to the advancement of science and technology. Moreover, the scope of such visual experiences has broadened and the meaning of an expression, “look at,” has subsequently been expanded to include the invisible world. A variety of visual data in the microscopic world awaken human senses and inspire imagination. Such images are associated with the eggs of insects, tumors, or cells. Even those whose shapes are rarely supposed, such as viruses, include mysterious elements which include delicate structures and movements, repetition and community, and the contrasts of colors in the microscopic world. 

I intend to constitute regular patterns, which can be observed in the process of cell division or the eyes of insects among enormous images in the microscopic world, in a visual manner. I will also focus on characteristics such as organic shapes, the co-existence of beauty and grotesqueness that appear in the movements of proliferation and extinction, and the contrast of positive and negative feelings that can be sensed from the modifications of cells or tumors. Thus, I aim to express such shapes through the process of attaching and piercing small dots on the surface of accessories. The organized dots or freely scattered dots are not contained in space; they fill out and create the space by themselves. This is the passage of time I encounter without any disturbance and at the same time my small universe.


2017  M.F.A. Kookmin University, Seoul Korea

2009-10  NSCAD University Exchange student, Halifax Canada

2009  B.F.A. Kookmin University, Seoul Korea

Solo Exhibition

2021  Four Gallery, Göteborg Sweden 

2019  Microcosmos, Gallery Dam, Seoul Korea

2010  TACTILE, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax Canada

Group Exhibitions

2023  “Wearing RED, Ignite the Fire”, On The Fringe NYC, New York USA 

2023  Lighten Up! 2, Grafts on the Hill, Seoul Korea

2023  Traverse, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen Netherlands

2022  Man X Making, KCDF, Seoul Korea

2022  Yeonliji: Two becoming one, MJW 2021, Munich Germany

2021  Yeonliji: Two becoming one, Arumjigi, Seoul Korea

2021  15/25, Gallery O, Seoul Korea

2021  Blue. An Uncertain Spring, Gallery Baum, Paju Korea

2021  Absolutely Abstract, MJW 2021 Online Exhibition, Munich Germany

2020  Absolutely Abstract, LEE EUGEAN Gallery, Seoul Korea

2020  Korean contemporary jewelry chronicle 100 BROOCHES, Space of Art Sueno, Seoul Korea

2020  Lighten Up!, Grafts on the Hill, Seoul Korea 

2020  BKV-Prize 2020 for Young Applied Arts, Munich Germany

2019  Poems for May, Yoolizzy Craft Museum, Seoul Korea

2018  Cbijoux Gallery, Monthey Switzerland

2018  Ring Ring Ring, Gallery An, Seoul Korea

2018  Sharing of tastes, ooojh Gallery, Seoul Korea

2017  Jewelry Life, Gallery Daon, Seoul Korea

2017  Our Earring Guide, KCDF, Seoul Korea

2017  Graduate Thesis Exhibition, Kookmin University, Seoul Korea

2015  Transformed, Gallery VOGOZE, Seoul Korea

2012  Alchemist-Mythology of Material, KCDF, Seoul Korea

2012  +ONE, Samshin Gallery, Seoul Korea

2012  Wearable Fantasy, Gallery Baum, Paju Korea

2010  Kookmin Students Show, Gallery Caroline van Hoek, Bruxelles Belgium

2010  Show&Sale, Seeds Gallery, Halifax Canada

2009  The Marzee Annual international Graduation Show 2009, Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen Netherlands

2009  Talente 2009, Munich Germany


2022  Handwerk & Design, Siat Gallery, Munich Germany

2019  JOYA 2019-International Art Jewelry Fair, Disseny Hub Barcelona, Barcelona Spain

2018  Autor-International Art Jewelry Fair, National Theatre Bucharest, Bucharest Romania

2015  JOYA 2015-International Art Jewelry Fair, Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona Spain

2011  SIERAAD-International Art Jewelry Fair, WesterGasfabrickr, Amsterdam Netherlands


2020  AJF 2020-Young Artist Award (Finalist), USA

2020  BKV-Prize 2020 for Young Applied Arts (Finalist), Germany

2019  JOYA 2019-Dor Museum Award, Spain

2017  Excellent Achievement of M.F.A-Kookmin University, Korea

2009  Marzee Graduation 2009 Award a Prize, Gallery Marzee, Netherlands

2009  Talente 2009, Germany


2020  “Korean Contemporary Jewelry Chronicle 100 Brooches”, Dongchun Lee, Soguemnamu Publishing Co, Korea

2020  “Polymer Week” Magazine - March 2020, Czech Republic

2020  “CONTRASTE” January 2020, Spain

2018  “Craft+Design Magazine, Korea

Lecture & Workshops

2021  Special lecture on material, Hongik University, Metal Art & Design, Seoul Korea 

2021  Mentor&Mentees, Kookmin University, Metalwork & Jewelry, Seoul Korea

2020-2021  'Culture day' Polymer clay class at the Yoolizzy Craft Museum, Seoul Korea

Traverse, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen Netherlands /2023

Interlacing cosmos_04 / brooch / 2021 / 6.5x7.5x4cm
polymer clay, plastic film, sterling silver

Microcosmos_34/brooch /2021 / 7x8x3cm

polymer clay, plastic film, sterling silver

Microcosmos_24 / Brooch / 2020 / 86x65x27mm
Polymer clay, Plastic film, sterling silver

Interlacing cosmos_03 /brooch /2021 / 6.5x7.5x3cm
polymer clay, plastic film, sterling silver

Microcosmos_35 /brooch / 2021 / ø5cm
polymer clay, plastic film, sterling silver

Microcosmos_27 /brooch /2021 / 6x7x4cm
polymer clay, plastic film, brass, gold plated

Microcosmos_36 /brooch / 2021 / 7.5x8.4x6cm 
polymer clay, plastic film, sterling silver

Microcosmos_22 / Brooch / 2020 / 46*70*30mm
Polymer clay, Plastic film, sterling silver, gold plated

Microcosmos_33/brooch /2021 / 6.5x8x3.5cm
polymer clay, plastic film, brass, gold plated

Microcosmos 미니 시리즈 / 2021 / 3.8x3.8x3cm

polymer clay, plastic film, brass

An extinct species_11 / Necklace / 2019 / 45 * 520 * 45 mm
Polymer clay, Plastic film, sterling silver

A green with black dots / brooch / 2021 / 6x7x3.5cm

polymer clay, plastic film, sterling silver

Microcosmos_2 / Brooch / 2019 / 74 * 60 * 18 mm

Polymer clay, Plastic film, 925 silver

An extinct species_12 / Brooch / 2020 / 90 * 75 * 40 mm

Polymer clay, Plastic film, sterling silver, gold plated

An extinct species_7 / Necklace / 2019 / 85 * 470 * 49 mm

Polymer clay, Plastic film, sterling silver, Beads